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Xiamen golden century melting precious metals management company has always been adhering to the "customer first, service first" philosophy of upholding the legitimate interests of the customer. Adhere to the implementation of modern enterprise management system, set up a international management team, Department allocation is reasonable, clear division of labor. Silver investment platform well, silver investment money any good investment, silver, silver investment can do it, what are the silver spot trading business, solely responsible for the Xiamen area. Flexible silver spot trading, prices of global linkage, 24-hour trading, market fairness, transparency, and consistent with the international mainstream silver investment, allowing you to fully grasp the opportunities of silver.

funding by a third-party Bank depository   Investor investment account funded by ABC for a third-party depository. Cleared by the Bank is responsible for the security of funds and, others cannot use Investor account, fully guarantee the security of funds and free and convenient deposit and withdrawal.

company established specifically of collection rules Department, and trading Department, and financial Department, and wind control Department,, in Qingdao financial do of regulatory Xia, to national regulations, and trading center regulations, for according to, according to trading center as public trading platform of particularity, to Government grant engaged in organization, and management of public letter force and public power, specification business behavior, prevention business risk, guarantee overall trading market health benign development.