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High and volatile gold prices are rushing upward trend

1181.70, opened in Asia on Tuesday, gold prices, after hitting a day-low of 1180.70 shock up the highest hit 1189.60; in the European market, withdrawing minimum price of gold hitting a 1182.10; in North America in early morning trading, the price of gold bounced back nearly $ 30, refreshed from a one-week high to $ 1209.90 an ounce.

one of the world's largest gold producer Goldcorp recently reported, 1995 is a peak in exploration for gold, by this calculation, gold mine production will peak by 2015, will decrease in the coming years, there is even a big drop.

financial network (blog, Twitter) MarketWatch survey, economists on average expected United States initial claims for State unemployment benefits for the week December 27 290,000 people, up from 280,000 people, but was still below the 300,000 people, the United States added jobs trend is in, this year United States job market jobs to hit their highest level since 1999.

on the 4H, the price of gold direct puncture of the four hour chart object on track, four-hour analysis of today do not blind.

1-hour chart, gold's performance in the case of continuous Sun lifted, driving up hour Bollinger in the forest track, still insist on personal views, high and volatile gold prices today, there will be an upward impact, and then fell.

near long 1197-1196 ounces today, stop 3.5, 1204-1210.

today gold price around 1210 short, exit 4, 1200-1185.

Gold spot price today do more around 1185, exit 4, 1198.