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Gold short term or continuing "buying" trend should continue

Last week, international gold prices to $ 1195.38 an ounce in early morning trading, to close at 1195.8 dollars an ounce, on the top tried $ 1203.21/oz, minimum test 1170.64 USD/oz last week week k-line charge a cross.  World's largest holdings of 12.25 metric tons in ETF-SPDR positions. Despite the Christmas holiday light once to twists and turns in the market, but the United States the fundamental economic reality of the situation is far better than other major economies, dollar bulls still harvest a Christmas gift.  Many analysts said, taking into account the euro-zone and Japan's Central Bank is facing pressure to stimulate economic growth, investors ' lack of motivation to go long the euro or the yen, so that "buying" trend should continue. Russia macroeconomic analyst Dolgin Alpha Bank believes that recent ruble exchange rate showed a stable trend, but supporting the exchange rate factor, is not entirely obvious.  Ruble's future will have to wait until after the Christmas holiday to observe whether oil prices rebounded further if oil prices continue to fall, the ruble will remain under downward pressure.  Gold fluctuated last week, continued its rally continued average wound, in the short term market shocks, I still insist on analysis last week, $ 1990-1250/oz this week unchanged, the author is expected to go through after a series of consolidation, gold will continue to rebound. Operation this week suggested that physical gold: gold dealers near its recent hedging point at $ 1240-1250/Oz, a large number of stock can take positions. Jewelry consumer, in accordance with their needs, choose to make a purchase. Paper gold: 10%-20% form, can be used as a warehouse by the end of, long-term holders. Remaining positions swing trading. Accumulation of gold: Gold stockpile still executes-5, opening again. Do not fall, do not buy. Gold (T+D): this week's volatile trading, dominated by long.