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Stronger dollar index decline pushed gold

New York gold futures closed up Tuesday 1.6%, 1200.40 dollars per ounce, affected by this news, gold plate top gainers in early trading. As of now, Chenzhou mining rose 6. 66%, ronghua industry, gold gold, Shandong gold, purple, gold rose more than 3%.

on the news, news Beijing time on December 31, gold futures in New York closed up 1.6% on Tuesday, at $ 1200.40 an ounce, reversing the falling trend of the previous trading day, mainly due to the decline in the dollar.

according to data from FactSet financial information suppliers and statistics show, calculated according to the main contract, had so far this week about gold futures in New York rose 0.5%, also achieved modest gains so far this year., Senior Analyst Jim weikaofu (Jim Wyckoff) pointed out, the dollar fell on Tuesday may be prompting investors to buy gold futures is one of the main reasons. Usually falling dollar contributed to the dollar-denominated commodity futures prices, for investors holding other currencies would lower the cost of buying these commodities.