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Volume was hedging on a single Booster Gold short broken 1209

On Tuesday (December 30) early in New York, the sudden appearance of New York February gold futures hedging on the international spot gold (1201.90, 1.50, 0.12%) price climbs 1209 dollars an ounce. Yesterday, gold fell to around 1180 USD/ounce, but ultimately failed to break under, also showed clear support at the bottom.
tomorrow, the market will usher in 2014, the last trading day, gold is expected to remain at around the $ 1200 an ounce shake. 2014 final price is likely to be close to the $ 1200 an ounce. 2015 new year for gold, it is full of thorns and rough, widely believed the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates before the next June.
for a late try for this wave of New York, late silver followed gold jumped days up to 16.09 dollars an ounce.
technology, still to be seen whether gold can hold 1200 USD/