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The gold market remains in the doldrums at the end end of hard cash and gold

the second half of 2014, gold (1201.33,1.5,0.13%) called the doldrums. During the national day holiday, international gold prices fell US $ 1200 per ounce mark, hit a 56-month low, following two months of gold did not appear "diving", it is difficult to climb. New year's Eve, the reporter visited the yintai, 200 Mall learned, in order to attract new year's passenger flow in buying gold, gold, Liu Fu, Ming, Chow Tai Fook and other brand in the jewelry of gold price or cost of action on. However, the offer is unlikely.

buy gold during the new year's offer, but not

before 2015 on new year's day is only one day left, silver Taj East Gate store and 210 gold counters have already started buying gold at the end of the offer. Many gold brand out of the gold and the cost of preferential activity, eager to usher in the start of the new year.

reporters from 200 gold counter, December 29 at 296 Yuan per gram of gold jewelry, consumers can buy gold jewelry in gold and 90 percent discount on the cost. As a normal cost of 20 Yuan per gram, the day was 284 Yuan per gram of gold (with fee).

"it offers grams according to the customer's consumption. "200 winning jewelry salesperson for an example, take 10 grams as a cut-off point, 10 grams following 278 Yuan per gram, 10 grams or more of 288 Yuan/g 10 g 1 g can be sent, the maximum send 15 g, workers also enjoy 80 percent, active until December 31. "In General, now it is quite worthwhile. "The

same promotions, Luk Fook and CTF fee idea. The same day, 260 Fu jewelry gold for 300 yuan/g, cost 70 percent; silver Thailand East of CHOW Tai Fook jewelry gold gold for 300 yuan/g, thousand gold 301 Yuan/g, before the 4th fold can enjoy fee discount.