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In January-November this year, China imported gold from Hong Kong declined by 32%

data show that from January to November this year, China Hong Kong-importing gold (1203.00, 2.60, 0.22%) fell 32% to 692 tons. But analysts believe that in 2015, Hong Kong gold imports will vigorously maintain this year's level.

according to the World Gold Council (WGC) far East area manager Albert Cheng said China's Gold demand this year could be about 950 tons, 1275.1 tons than last year would have fallen sharply.

Wing Fung financial group Mark To, head of research, said: "demand for physical gold is stable, Chinese, whether it's money or no money, there is no reason to change the habits of preference for gold. Investors have realized that no clearance has evoked speculation. "

gold of the International Board in Shanghai free trade area this year appeared on gold imports is considered to be relaxed.

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